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1934 - Vero Beach Church of God, Wilbur Avenue, Vero Beach
In 1932 revival services were conducted in a small wood building on Commerce Avenue in Vero Beach, Florida, by  Evangelist J.T. Roberts,Sr.  Soon after the Vero Beach Church of God was organized with 17 charter members.  The young congregation met for worship in a garage in Beattyville under the leadership of their first pastor, Reverend Clarence Corley.  In 1934 the first church building was constructed on the corner of 18th street and Wilbur Avenue.  During the next 14 years the growing congregation worshipped in the wood frame building with  L.G. Hammond, J.M. Hodge,  S. T. Duckworth,  R. F. Kirkland,  Leroy Kerce,  Doyle Franklin, J.J. Deas, and  J. W. Coleman serving as pastors. 

1945  - Vero Beach Church of God, Corner of 13th Street and 25th Avenue
When Reverend A.J. Duncan became pastor and the need for a new building was seen, a fine masonry  edifice was erected on the corner of 13th Avenue and 25th Street.

1966 - Vero Beach Church of God, Corner of 13th Street and 25th Avenue.
In 1966 under the leadership of Reverend Joe Lindsey, the church was remodeled giving the church a much needed facelift.  This marked a new era for the church with a new focus, direction, and growth. Soon there developed a realization that  relocation and larger facilities would be needed. In August 1967 the Reverend Harry Henderson became pastor and 10 acres of land was purchased at the corner of 8th Street and 20th Avenue.  In 1973 the church property on 25 Street was sold and services were conducted at Citrus Elementary School.

  1976 - 2004  -  Twentieth Avenue Church of God, Vero Beach, Florida

In July of 1973 under the leadership of Reverend Kirby Thompson, the church fellowship hall was built  at   the 10 acre site on the corner of 8th Street and 20th Avenue so the congregation could worship in its own facilities.  With the valuble assistance of Ervin Thomas, a member of the congregation, the sanctuary and education wing was completed and dedicated on February 29, 1976.

In August of 1978 Reverend James Brewer became pastor.  In the fall of 1980  20th Avenue Christian Learning Center was begun. 
Director Mrs Juanita Wiggins ran this ministry to provide early child development and care for children ages 2- 5 years. 

2004 - Present  -  Twentieth Avenue Church of God, Vero Beach, Florida

In 2004 during a very active hurricane season, the church was extensively damaged.  Through the leadership of Reverend Joe S. Brooks, Senior Pastor,  the church was restored and the interior sanctuary remodeled to its current beauty.

Our multicultural congregation continues to grow and worship at the corner of 8th Street and 20th Avenue in Vero Beach, Florida under the leadership of Reverend Jerry and Darla Shepherd. We invite you to join us as we enter God's presence with Thanksgiving!